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Our Happy Patients

Forum Health Physicians are amazing and truly listen to you as a patient and they provide very thorough, research-based care. They make me feel seen, heard, and care about my entire health and overall wellness.     - Kimberly M.

My son is a child with vaccine-induced mercury toxicity. Upon learning of his diagnosis we tried every treatment possible with no results. Dr. Wilson suggested chelation therapy. The results we have seen in the last six months have been incredible. My son is now able to feel the cold with his hands. At almost eight years old he is now potty trained. You can have a conversation with him and even ask questions and get appropriate responses. For the first time in his life, he did not scream, cry, or get “unreachable,” to have his hair cut. He actually behaved in Dr. Wilson’s office and allowed us to have a conversation without slapping me, crawling on the floor, etc. The child he was meant to be is slowly starting to emerge.

I just met with Dr. Clayton Bell for the first time. He was attentive to my needs seemed very well informed and we have a plan in place. I've trusted Dr. Wilson for many years with my health and that of my family and feel that he has made a good choice with turning things over to Forum health. 5 stars

As the mother of a child with autism, it is very frustrating and depressing to work with him for two years and see very little progress in his development. I prayed and asked the Lord to lead me to any treatments my son needed to reach his full potential. We were led to GSMC and Dr. Wilson who recommended testing and treatments including vitamins, minerals, chelation, and neurotransmitter support. It has been five months now and my child’s teachers and therapists are giving us glowing reports, especially in the area of speech and language development, which is so hard for autistic children to grasp. Even his bus driver has commented on how much more he is talking. I finally feel the knot in my stomach loosening when I think about my son’s future. I believe he will be able to fulfill his destiny and do whatever he chooses to do in life.

I had become a patient at GSMC for unrelated problems and just in passing asked Dr. Wilson if he had any experience with atrial fibrillation of the heart. It turns out he had. He found the cause of it was a long-standing cavitational infection where a lower left wisdom tooth had been removed over 50 years ago. Cynthia confirmed it by MSA. The cavitational necrosis was surgically removed and cleaned. I had been experiencing an episode of atrial fibrillation that lasted several hours every day for the 9 months prior to surgery. Since surgery 2 1/2 months ago I’m steadily improving and have only had two very short episodes in the last month.

I am one of those people who became very deficient in stomach acid, didn’t realize it, went through a horrible fatigue, and then magically got better once I started taking hydrochloric acid supplementation. How it started is the weird part, because it was so gradual that I really didn’t notice it. I blamed it on aging, being busy, diet, stress, etc. Once it got severe, I wondered if I was losing my mind; all I wanted to do was go to sleep. When I started taking HCl, it was like spring creeping into my body and mind after a very long winter. HCl revived, strengthened, and stabilized me. B12 shots also helped in the first few months of recovery. Each month that I took HCl, I felt better. Now I can look back, and see how powerfully this deficiency can undermine one physically and emotionally. Not on my life would I leave home now without it!

Excellent experience at GSMC! Very knowledgeable doctors, compassionate staff and cutting edge testing specifically for each individual.

Dr Wilson and Camille are extremely knowledgeable, caring, professional people who have helped me with my issues. The magnetic therapy for pain is excellent; I no longer get shots in my joints for pain. I highly recommend this practice.

Best medical care I have ever received. He is brilliant, kind, listens, gets results!


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