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Your Medical Team

Let us help identify and correct the root causes
of your persistent roadblocks to great health and longevity.


Dr. Clayton Bell is a Certified Functional Medicine Physician and is also boarded in Integrative Medicine as well as Family Medicine

Terri M. Beim, ND

As a naturopathic practitioner for more than 20 years, Terri is first and foremost an educator.

She spends an extensive amount of time with patients in effort to determine WHY their problems started in the first place.

John L. Wilson, Jr., MD, FAAFP

Dr. Wilson values old-fashioned aspects of the practice of medicine that increase patient and practitioner satisfaction alike, including longer appointment times to get to know his patients, listening, and comprehensive physical exams as well as the use of humor and a relaxed setting.

Kamila Fiore, APRN-C

Kamila believes that, like a fingerprint, each person and their environment are unique and is therefore committed to providing individualized medicine to each patient to optimize their health.


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