Q/A: Diabetes and Cholesterol by Dr. Wilson


Q. Won’t eating all the cholesterol in meat and eggs cause heart disease?


A. For diabetics, carbohydrates act like a metabolic poisen. Fats, however, provide an excellent energy source for diabetics. The notion that cholesterol causes heart disease is one of the biggest medical misconceptions around. Ongoing analysis of the 53-year long Framingham Heart Study consistantly reveals that heart disease risk is lower in individuals who eat more cholesterol. We do know, however, that excess insulin and consistantly elevated blood glucose levels directly contribute to heart disease.


Again and again I have seen total cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL (“good”) cholesterol improve beautifully on diets high in cholesterol. A high HDL cholesterol is associated witha lower risk of heart disease. Avoid “bad” fats, including margarine, commercial vegetable oils and deep fried foods. Eat more “good” fats, including olive oil, cold pressed nut and seed oils, and butter. Honor your Mom’s advice and “Eat your vegetables!”