What is personalized healthcare?

To us, it means helping each person achieve their unique health goals. We believe in a root-cause approach based on the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine. Essentially, that means treating issues at their source, not just masking them with procedures and prescriptions. It’s why we look at the whole you — exploring genetics, […]

What is Forum Health’s philosophy toward care?

At Forum Health, we believe good care requires good listening. Our relationships are built on time and personal attention. We hear your whole story so we can treat the source of your symptoms. Your doctor is your partner. They check in between appointments — not just when you’re sick — to help you get and […]

What services does Forum Health provide?

All members get what we call The Essentials. This package includes support with diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and detoxification. Beyond those basics, we’ll work with you to build a care plan the drives toward your unique health and wellness goals. Learn more about our services and treatments.

Where is Forum Health?

We’re in four states and growing fast. Our headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah. Find your nearest Forum Health locations. Forum Health also welcomes telehealth patients. Contact us to find out if virtual appointments are an option for your specific needs.