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Creating a Healing Environment

Advances in physical sciences in the last 150 years have led to the human body being viewed as a collection of parts. That view has, in turn, led to medical specialization that treats only certain parts of the body (eye doctors, heart doctors, skin doctors, etc.) and the surgical removal or transplantation of parts. Though this mechanistic view plays a very important role in modern medical treatment, it came into existence only very recently in a long, rich history of healing arts and veers from ancient wisdom in which the body, mind, and spirit were all integral parts of healing.


As a result, nurturing the body, mind and spirit is more relevant now than ever for a person trying to heal from illness.


Paying attention to environments in which you feel good and want to linger can help you define environments that can help facilitate your healing. Symbols of nature are often present in healing environments in the form of sounds, breezes, sunshine, plants, flowers, stars, trees, and vistas. Humor, music, art, photography, and books can also nurture the mind and spirit, as can colors, lighting, and smells. Attention to what you eat and the physical and emotional environment in which you eat can all contribute to healing. Cleanliness, tidiness, and an environment free of chemical exposures all contribute to making a home conducive to the practice of spiritual practices including prayer, contemplation, or meditation.


Internal dialogue and emotions can either contribute to or detract from a healing internal environment. Scientific research of the body’s physiological changes has shown powerful correlations between thoughts, emotions and the physical body. This research has blurred any perceived barriers between body, mind and spirit. As such, awareness of your negative self-talk and feelings and changing them, if need be, toward a more supportive, positive tone can contribute to your healing.


Even seemingly small changes in your internal or external environments can facilitate healing in surprisingly profound ways as they tap into your inherent ability to heal.