Restore Your Sleep to Restore Your Health

By Kamila Fiore, APRN-C One of the common issues I see with my patients daily is chronic inflammation, stress, and fatigue. One of the easiest and best ways to restore and heal our bodies is something we spend a big chunk of our life doing: sleep. Unfortunately, for some of my patients laying their heads […]

Sleepless In America

  Sleepless in America Americans spend 25 percent less time sleeping than they did 100 years ago and have added one month to their average annual commute or work time in the last 25 years. For these and several other reasons including the availability of artificial lighting, 24/7 television and Internet access, shift work, working […]

Dying for a Good Night’s Sleep?

woman sleeping

  Each night across America, an estimated 15 million people are, in effect, being asphyxiated in their own homes.   Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a much more serious health problem than just the annoyance of snoring. When lying down to sleep at night, the airway can actually collapse or can become physically obstructed, resulting […]