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Fluoridation of Health: Bad to the Bone

  Fluorine/Fluoride Fluorine (F) is a gaseous element in the periodic table. It is a halogen (Latin for ?salt former?) along with its halogen cousins: chlorine, bromine, and iodine. Fluorine?s small size contributes to its being the most reactive of all elements. Fluoride is formed when fluorine binds to minerals. The mineral fluorspar, calcium fluoride […]

Assisted Detoxification

Woman enjoying a healthy beverage in her kitchen.

  Self-Cleaning Models? Wouldn’t it be nice to simply push a button and burn off years of accumulated toxins, much like a self-cleaning oven? Well, there’s good news. People are “self-cleaning.” They detoxify through six major pathways: the liver, colon, skin, lymph, kidneys, and lungs. The bad news? The amounts and types of toxins in […]

Fragrances: Feel the Romance

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  While some natural ingredients in the perfume industry cost up to $40,000 per pound, their synthetic alternatives can cost less than $10 per pound, explaining why 95 percent of perfume ingredients are synthetic chemicals. You won’t find them listed on the label either, as there can be more than 500 ingredients in one formulation […]

Chlorination of Municipal Water

  In the U. S., public water supplies were first chlorinated in 1908. Since then, federal regulations have resulted in the chlorination of nearly all of America’s municipal water. Chemical additives can be added to hide chlorine’s odor. Chlorine is an industrial waste product that is added to water supplies to kill dysentery, cholera, typhoid, […]

Better Living Through Chemistry?

  Picture this Ozzie and Harriet moment. A woman sporting a newly permed and sprayed hair-do and a freshly ironed frock is happily creating clouds of air freshener in her home to take care of those, well, little embarrassing odors. She pauses to gaze fondly through the window at her husband, who is doing his […]

Pesticides Linked With Infertility and Parkinson’s Disease

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Pesticides have actions that interfere with the way hormones work and are thus called endocrine disruptors. Wildlife studies of infertility and physical abnormalities of gulls, deer, terns, fish, frogs, whales, porpoises, alligators, and turtles link environmental contaminants with disturbances in the production or action of sex hormones. Humans have not escaped the effects of pesticides […]

Are Pesticides and Herbicides Bugging You?


  Three legged frogs. Bluebird eggs that don’t hatch. Infertile male alligators with female reproductive organs.   Futuristic headlines? Afraid not. The lyrics “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it . . .” may be relegated to a time when they could do it.   Pesticides and herbicides belong to a […]