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October 2021




Great Smokies Medical Center has been selected to join Forum Health – the first nationwide network of integrative and functional medicine experts.

While the clinic will still be the same place you know and love, this exclusive relationship will offer you even greater access to advanced treatments, wellness programs, health content, and a collaborative community of practitioners to help you achieve your health goals.

In addition to Great Smokies joining Forum Health, we are delighted to announce the addition of Kamila Fiore, APRN-C to our team of health experts. She received her MSN degree as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) from the University of Florida in 2006. Kamila uses an investigative approach to understand her patients’ health concerns, often finding clues in their life stories and timeline as she seeks to identify the root causes of their health concerns.

Kamila treats hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune conditions, food allergy and intolerance, mood disorders and addresses conditions of aging by promoting metabolic resilience often through lifestyle changes. She is trained and practiced in the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapies and provides counseling in nutrition and exercise. Her patients say she is focused, positive, engaging and thorough. Kamila is excited about continued learning made available to her through the larger Forum Health network of providers.

Be on the lookout for new communications, products, and services from us and Forum Health! And make sure to follow us on Facebook for news and health tips!



January 2013 (Download PDF)

Oral and Dental Health’s Influence on General Health
An overview of dental issues as related to health.


February 2012 (Download PDF)

Heavy Metal Toxicity
This overview of heavy metal toxicity in human health includes a closer look at four heavy metals – lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.


July 2011 (Download PDF)

Food Additives: Friend or Foe?
A close-up look at the health impact of four food additives, seasoned with a dash of history, politics, and science, plus tips to limit the effect of this modern-day chemical cuisine on your health.


March 2010 (Download PDF)

An Integrative Medical Model of Health Assessment
Learn how GSMC practitioners investigate underlying causes of symptoms or disease.
Americans’ reliance on drugs to treat symptoms and disease can be putting them at risk for known and unknown side effects.


October/November/December 2009 (Download PDF)

Genetically Modified (GM) Foods
Read about this invisible health threat that most Americans are unknowingly exposed to daily and which has no meaningful governmental regulation and requires no labeling in the United States.


July/August/September 2009 (Download PDF)

The Role of Gender in Health and Disease
Discussion of gender’s influence in four health condtions, including discussion of natural interventions for each condition.


March/April/May 2009 (Download PDF)

Celebrating GSMC’s 30th Birthday: 1979-2009
On the occasion of GSMC’s 30th birthday, we thank Dr. John L. Laird, for his founding vision and to the many thousands of patients who received healthcare at GSMC during the last 30 years. Readers can get an up close look at our practitioners’ reflections on their careers in healthcare.


January/February/March 2009 (Download PDF)

Women’s Hormone Therapy: Benefits vs. Risks
The risks of decreased quality of life and long-term health consequences from untreated menopausal symptoms vs. the risks of one-size-fits-all synthetic hormone therapy can be balanced with risk assessment and individualized treatment with bio-identical hormone therapy.


October/November/December 2008 (Download PDF)

The Ultimate Food Fight: Food vs. Supplements
A look at both sides of the debate re: whether or not food can supply the nutrients required for optimal health or if nutritional supplementation is needed.


July/August/September 2008 (Download PDF)

Delayed Food Allergy: A Hidden Cause of Health Problems
Delayed food allergy has been shown to be a hidden and unrecognized cause or contributor to many health problems, in particular in individuals with a family history of allergy or autoimmune disease.


April/May/June 2008 (Download PDF)

Stress and Stress-Related Health Problems
The same instinctual fight-or-flight responses that helped our ancient ancestors survive threats to their survival all too often translate to chronic stress and diseases in modern times. Learn if stress really can be optional and lifestyle tips to help lessen the impact of stress.


January/February/March 2008 (Download PDF)

Chemicals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
Informed consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the repeated topical use of products containing known toxins.


October/November/December 2007 (Download PDF)

Vitamin D: The Amazing Sunshine Vitamin
Increasing knowledge of vitamin D’s roles in health reveals its vital impact on immune function, cancer, mood, inflammation, and much more.


July/August/September 2007 (Download PDF)

Mind/Body Medicine: Immunity, Mood, Stress, and Health
Practitioners and patients alike are reconnecting with medicine’s holistic roots by utilizing mind/body interventions to boost immunity and mood, lessen pain, and lower stress to enhance physical health and healing.


April/May/June 2007 (Download PDF)

Testosterone’s Role in Men’s Health and Vitality
The age-related decline of testosterone will result in some men living the last decades of their lives without the health-enhancing benefits of this important hormone.


January/February/March 2007 (Download PDF)

Eat Your (Organic) Vegetables!
This sage advice of mothers throughout the ages now has scientific backing.

IV Nutritional Therapies: A Fast Track to Replenish Nutrients
Learn about GSMS practitioners’ use of intravenous nutrients to treat a variety of conditions.


September/October 2006 (Download PDF)

Flouridation of Health: Bad to the Bone
The decades-long practice of fluoridating municipal water supplies has come under scientific scrutiny based on recent scientific research that questions fluoridation’s safety and effectiveness.


June/July/August 2006 (Download PDF)

Sugar-Coated Health: Anything But Sweet
Read the comments of a physician who observed the ” . . . evil effects of sugar-drowning” in his patients nearly 100 years ago and check out the health problems that are associated with a sugar-laden diet.


March/April/May 2006 (Download PDF)

Assisted Detoxification
Enhance health through detoxification


January/February 2006 (DownloadPDF)

Better Living Through Chemistry?
All is not well in chemical-land

Chlorination of Municipal Water
Health hazards associated with chlorination of municipal water supplies

Fragrances: Feel the Romance
Maybe that dizzy-headed feeling isn’t love after all

Dr. Wright’s Schedule
Dr. Wright is now accepting new patients


September/October 2005 (Download PDF)

Answers to GSMC Patients’ Most FAQ
A fast track to learning about GSMC’s practice from our patients’ questions.


July/August 2005 (Download PDF)

Acid Reigns
Learn why stomach acid is not only good for you but essential for health

Enzymes: Life?s Labor Force
Enzymes play critical roles in digestive and general health


June 2005 (Download PDF)

Prevention Strategies of Mainstream and Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine’s approach to disease prevention

Functional Symptoms vs. Organic Disease
Paying attention to symptoms can result in earlier intervention

Creating a Healing Environment
Create a healing place that honors body, mind and spirit

Dr. Wright Accepts New Position
Important information about Dr. Wright’s schedule starting in August

Healthy Wit and Wisdom
A selection of quotations for your laughter and contemplation


May/June 2005 (Download PDF)

Autism: An Overview
Understanding the evolution of autism

Are Some Cases of Autism Really Mercury Toxicity?
Vaccinations and mercury toxicity

Autism and Methylation
An important biochemical link

Web Resources
More resources on mercury toxicity

Could Autistics Be All Doped Up?
Important dietary information related to autism


March/April 2005 (Download PDF)

Wheat: Staff of Life or Stuff of Disease?

Learn about the steep price some people pay for eating wheat

Dairy: Got Milk or Not Milk?
Someone’s been messing with Mother Nature’s perfect formula for milk

Welcome to GSMC!
Help us welcome Mandi!


January/February 2005 (Download PDF)

Test Your Knowledge of Nutritional and Herbal Medicine
A fun and informative quiz for health nuts

Got Zinc?
A little mineral is involved in big ways in body chemistry


November/December 2004 (Download PDF)


September/October 2004 (Download PDF)


August 2004 (Extra Edition!) (Download PDF)


July/August 2004 (Download PDF)


May/June 2004 (Download PDF)


January/February 2004 (Download PDF)


October 2003 (Download PDF)


September 2003 (Download PDF)


August 2003 (Download PDF)


July 2003 (Download PDF)