Save Money and Gain Health Insights with Labs Direct

Forum Health offers its patients direct preferred pricing on lab work through its in-house program, Labs Direct. Tired of surprise bills, lack of coverage from your insurance or skipping out on important labs because of the cost? What if there was a better way to get your lab work without the hassle? With Forum Health, […]

How Your Life Affects Your Health

Are you searching for the root cause of your illness? Looking for alternative approaches to wellness through functional medicine? In this episode of the Health Forward Podcast, Integrative Medicine Physician, Dr. Clayton Bell, shares the impact that different aspects of our lives can have on our health. He discusses how the foods we eat, intense seasons […]

Why Women Get Sick and How to Truly Heal

We hear about “man flu” but really, it’s women who have the right to complain. New research has found, on average, women get sick much more often than men. In this episode of Health is Power podcast, Dr. Clayton Bell talks about the many illnesses he sees affecting women and how they typically stem from […]

Healing From The Inside Out

Are you struggling with chronic illness, autoimmune disease or simply want to get back to health? Looking to heal your mind and body rather than just manage your symptoms?  In this episode of The Healing Reset, Dr. Clayton Bell shares his tips to healing from the inside out. Dr. Bell also discusses: What makes functional […]