Is it a Cold or the Flu?

  While a rhinovirus (a cold) is a minor respiratory illness that usually just inconveniences us, true influenza (the flu) is a serious respiratory illness.   Flu symptoms start one to four days after the virus enters the body. In adults, the flu is contagious for one day before symptoms occur and for three to […]

Natural Prevention & Treatment of Colds & Flu

  Implementing the basics of prevention and treatment of colds and flu is simple and inexpensive. While there is no cure for viral infections, preventive measures can be effective and viruses’ adverse effects can be minimized by treatment. Following some simple recommendations can help you stay healthy this cold and flu season.   First and […]

The Lymphatic System

  If there is such a thing as the “Rodney Dangerfield” of body systems, it has to be the lymphatic system. The role of the lymphatic system in health is glossed over in medical school curriculums, passing the lips of most practicing physicians only when discussing disease (lymphedema, lymphadenitis, lymphoma), rarely receiving mention for its […]

Viruses R Us

  What we thought were answers have turned into questions when it comes to the topic of viruses. Any perceived borders between human DNA and viral DNA have become blurred, making it unclear if we “have a virus” or if viruses actually “have” us.   More than 3,500 viruses have been classified. Viruses are so […]

Prevention Strategies in Mainstream and Alternative Medicine

  Is the time-tested adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” relevant in the discussion of disease prevention? The answer is a loud and clear “Yes!” Prevention in a mainstream medicine model includes accident prevention (e. g. wearing seat belts, preventing falls), screening elevated blood pressure and blood sugar, weight normalization, […]

Test Your Knowledge of Nutritional and Herbal Medicine

  Have some fun while you learn about the power of natural therapies. Give yourself one point for each correctly answered question. Answers follow the questions.   1. Name two trace minerals important in forming healthy bones. 2. What mineral is approved for emergency intravenous use in treating a heart attack in progress? 3. What […]

Are You Oxidizing?

  Oxidation is a process in nature by which matter decays when exposed to oxygen: car paint dulls, newspapers yellow, apples turn brown when cut, and iron turns to rust. Scientists are now aware of the many roles oxidation plays in human diseases. It has been said that we don’t age, we rust.   Oxidation […]

Nutrients Slow Rate of Macular Degeneration

  It seems that scientists are continually rediscovering that nutrition can affect health.   A recent clinical trial by the National Eye Institute reported in the journal Archives of Ophthalmology, October 2001 found that supplementation of vitamins and minerals slowed vision loss associated with intermediate and severe age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by 25%. The six-year […]

Just Say No to NSAIDs

cup full of vitamins

  The easy availability of over-the-counter and prescription drugs classed as Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) combined with the increase of chronic degenerative diseases in our nation make it a strong likelihood that any individual, especially as they age, will utilize NSAID therapy to treat pain and inflammation. NSAIDs include aspirin, plus numerous other over-the-counter and […]