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Are You Oxidizing?


Oxidation is a process in nature by which matter decays when exposed to oxygen: car paint dulls, newspapers yellow, apples turn brown when cut, and iron turns to rust. Scientists are now aware of the many roles oxidation plays in human diseases. It has been said that we don’t age, we rust.


Oxidation plays a role in virtually all diseases, notably heart disease, diabetes, cancer, cataracts, arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses. Antioxidant levels can be boosted by eating fresh vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables, and taking antioxidant vitamins and supplementation.


We find that many of our patients who have lived past age 90 have done so with the benefit of excellent antioxidant protection. It is now possible to measure levels of antioxidant protection through a blood test that is partially covered by Medicare. Ask your GSMC physician if you could benefit from antioxidant testing.



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